funny things to write on cars

15. prosince 2011 v 11:03

I have a calendar, an alarm, and a notepad on my smart phone, but I still prefer to write my reminder lists on my hand.
What are some funny things you could write on a friends car? The KGB Agent answer: You can write the name of the rival team to his favorite, Like Go Gators if he .
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The Only Funny Thing About Leaving a Baby in a Hot Car (VIDEO)
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What are some funny things i could write on a friends car with those car window marker things, im planning to do it before he goes funny things to write on cars to work or before he wakes up.
write a short, funny poem about summer vacation. School is out here tomorrow, much to the chagrin of parents and delight of children. write.
My boyfriend lives out in the middle of the country and his car gets really dirty because his driveway is pretty much a long stretch of gravel road. I just read an .
Best Answer: FOR SALE and put his phone number . wakey wakey loserrrrrr :)

funny things to write on cars

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Funny Things to Write in a Birthday Card. The images on the cover of the card and the monetary gift on the inside aren't the only focal points of the card. Believe it .
What are funny things to write on a just married couple's car? ChaCha Answer: From funny things to write on cars my own experience, a good one would be "Welcome to.
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